Impossible to Inevitable

Leadership starts by knowing who you are, and what you are wanting to create in your life and in the world. "Claim Your Niche" programs are for professionals who are ready to dig down and find out what are their real strengths and how to make that the center of their work. At "Claim Your Niche" we coach and train the whole person, so that managers can become leaders who make a profound contribution in the world.
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What Stops You

from Greatness?

We work with companies and individual leaders who would like to grow exponentially, but are frustrated with how to align their people. There's a lot of information out there and a lot of good intentions, and yet we still get stymied in implementation simply because we have been patterned to operate old models of behavior. Leadership Skills International provides the coaching and training that gets holistic leadership skills into your DNA.


First Step

Working on a big change? Choosing an Executive Coach and a Leadership Trainer is a big decision. There's nothing more demoralizing for your self or the team than to launch off in one direction only to be told retroactively that "Oops, that didn't work." Not only have you lost your investment but more importantly you've lost time and the team starts to get confused and lose faith. In the "First Step" we both get a chance to test the fit at a low risk. We will spend two sessions (1 1/2 to 2 hours each) working on an "Outcome RoadMap" and then we will decide together what the future holds.

Executive Coaching

Not living the life or career you would like (even -- or especially--  if you are outwardly successful) can be a painful experience. If you are ready to make your business come alive, individual coaching may give you exactly the support you need. Coaching helps you realize the most positive outcomes, for you and your team. Click here to find out about Executive Coaching Programs.

Leadership Training

Some things are just better and more effective in groups. These unique groups and classes bring professionals of high potential together to achieve mastery. Click here for an overview of the training we offer.